Black-and-White Stripes as a match (or a fab clash?) to the Bright and the Flowery

Spring style: 

From the 10 Crosby Derek Lam Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

In my previous "Styling tips for today" post, I have wrote about stripes: matching the long-sleeve, stripes tee with a cropped jacket.

Now, as for Spring 2012, Derek Lam has launched his 10 Crosby line with lots of stripes, especially the black-and-white stripes as a complement to the Spring style (bright, flowery). Not only it would flatter the outfits, but also it gave an unexpected pattern pop..

Here are the lookbook from 10 Crosby Derek Lam Spring 2012 RTW:

Black-and-white stripes with flowery prints:

Besides 'the stripes', I also love this 'graphic, color block' look:

bright graphic, color-blocked, diamond-printed pants matched with the
black waxed-cotton top (that looks like leather).

And, this bright yellow maxi dress:

How if we give this bright look a well-tailored black-and-white-stripes jacket/blazer?

What do you think? ;)

(Photos: Courtesy of 10 Crosby, via

So, do you like this style?

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Boko Temple and Merapi Volcano's foot-hills


The scenery from above..

My latest trips are to Ratu Boko Temple and to Merapi Volcano's foot-hills. My family and I really enjoyed these trips. We call our trips 'Friday Fun' because we have been mostly doing trips on Friday, after the Jummah prayer.

On October 7th, 2011, we went to Ratu Boko's site, or popularly called as Candi Boko/Boko Temple. The temple was located up high on a hill. There were so many stairs to get us up there to the temple. But, it was worth it because up there the beautiful scenery was waiting for us to see.. :) Or, we can go up higher to the Candi Boko's view-tower for more scenery from above. From there you could also see the Prambanan Temple, rice-fields, roads, trains ran on their rails, and airplanes which about to landed on or just about took off from the Adi Sucipto airport.

And these are the selected pictures from Candi Boko (photographed by me):

The scenery from above (from Ratu Boko Temple's view-tower):

It was a part of Yogyakarta and Klaten city.

Me.. in front of Pendopo Putri (Princess' place), Candi Boko:

Behind me there was a field where some sheep being pastured. There were also some deer that put into an area bordered by fences.

(The pic was took by my 4 years old son.. ^_^ )

Then, on October 14th, 2011, we went to the Merapi Volcano's natural conservation area (or, in Bahasa Indonesia, we call it: Taman Nasional Gunung Merapi).

Last year, in early November 2010 (it's exactly one year now), Merapi Volcano erupted. It was one of Merapi's massive eruption. Everything in this conservation area at that time was devastated and covered by thick dust, sands, and also stones. Many houses and trees was buried by clinker, sand, and dust. The super-hot clouds (in Javanese: wedhus gembel) that came out of the volcano's crater passed by this area and burned everything underneath they passed.

These selected pictures are from Merapi Volcano's foot-hills where everything are starting back to "green":

Unfortunately, while we were there, the weather was cloudy, so we could not see the Merapi Volcano.

Me, my uncle, and a local man (the sentence in the picture, in English means: "Watch out to the precipice behind !")

Merapi Volcano's National Park (natural conservation area).

(Photos: courtesy of Rania © FashioningFaith Blog)

Location: Ratu Boko's site/Boko Temple and 

Merapi Volcano's foot-hills, Dusun Cangkringan, Yogyakarta.

Would you like to visit these amazing places by yourself?



(Photography by Rania; Location: Candi Boko)

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Voila! Ready-to-wear Scarves by Bokitta

Lebanese Hijab Style

Recently I had been emailed by Hala Absi, the founder of Bokitta. If
you do not know yet about Bokitta, let me introduce you to this
interesting clothing line which cater for hijab-wearing Muslim women.

to their introduction to me, Bokitta is a new international brand for Lebanon-based hijab design
house. It is known for its quality innovative garments produced with style and lots of colors.

The name 'Bokitta' was came from by combining the word "bouquet", meaning an arrangement, and added the "itta" to refer to the lady. So Bokitta meant to be the 'bouquet of colors', an arrangement of matching, bright and colorful scarves and clothing for hijabis.

Right now they have two stores in Lebanon: one in Beirut Mall and
another in Saida Mall.

One of their fashion invention
lately is the new patented Voila! (came from the word "voile", "veil", meaning veil). It is a stylish pre-wrapped ready-to-wear
scarf (so, Voila! means the ready veil). "Voila! scarves was made from selected fabrics and designed with special attention to cultural and fashion styles", said Hala.

Put these scarves on is so easy; No more hassle in wrapping scarves and no pins required.

Check the
video below to see Bokitta's stunning Voila! scarves in action:

Along with Voila! scarves, they have developed the matching concepts brand of shirts, bodies, and skirts.

For more information about Bokitta Clothing Line, you can check out their interviews with Hijab Style and Hijab Trendz's blog here; And, see all their collection on facebook or on their website:

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